Relaxation & Meditation Membership

What is the Relaxation & Meditation Hub? It is a members only space offering resources and support to reduce stress, apply mindfulness, and create a relaxation routine that works: resulting in more happiness and energy, better health, higher productivity and increased clarity and calmness. Who doesn’t want more of that?

Do you hear yourself saying, “I just need a break,” “It’s all too much,” or “I don’t have time to relax?”

Kirsty has heard this too often from her clients, colleagues, and friends so she created a solution that fits into our busy lives.   She has combined her 18 years experience of teaching mindfulness, relaxation and mediation techniques with successfully overcoming her own personal and professional setbacks and challenges to offer you this premium membership hub. 

Kirsty has learned what works, what doesn’t, and has made her way through the bells, smudge stick smoke and rainbows, to be able to put together the best of the best guidance, techniques, scripts and information for down to earth, real, everyday, busy people.

This 12 month membership opportunity is for you if you are – 

  • Tired of being tired
  • Fed up with being fed up
  • Frustrated with feeling frustrated
  • Sick of getting sick
  • Over being overwhelmed

Included –

  • Downloadable audio and videos
  • PDF’S
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Awareness activities
  • Guided meditations
  • Scripts
  • New tools and tutorials added regularly
  • Monthly emails packed with tips and resources
  • Full personalised support for the duration of your membership

You can go at your pace and can revisit and can easily go back over any of the content you would like to work with more.

Some of what is covered –


  • The why and what of mindfulness and meditation.
  • Journaling that works
  • Guided through the passive muscle relaxation process for instantly reducing tension and tightness
  • The integrated brain and monkey mind explained
  • Mindful exercises and activities
  • How imagery works in mediation
  • Dealing with and letting go of worry
  • Stress reduction suggestions and strategies that will work for your whole family and you
  • Guided relaxation & meditation practises
  • An abundance of Kirsty’s meditation scripts
  • 4 x 20 minute guided meditations
  • How to share the relaxation and meditation experience with your children
  • Creating a relaxing routine
  • Managing the physical stuff – exercise, sleep, eating, environment
  • Kirsty’s resilience card pack – printable
  • Loads of resources
  • Accountability, checklists and check-ins
  • Support!

We have gone back to basics, chosen strategies that have proven results in credible studies to deliver to you the highest quality tools and information that you can read, listen to, and do at home or in the office.


Relaxation & Meditation Madhouse Membership is for you

  • If you want to reduce stress,
  • If mind fog is getting you down,
  • If your overthinking is out of control,
  • If you want to feel calmer and have more energy, and
  • It is definitely for you if you are ready to take a small amount of time out each day to dedicate to you and to commit to your relaxation routine and mindful life.

bubble-19329_1920It isn’t for you if you expect Kirsty to do it all for you. It is not for you if you think, because mediation is involved, she has a magic wand that will make all your challenges disappear – and as she taps you gently on the forehead your whole body relaxes and you are extremely happy! We wish she did have a magic wand that could do that, imagine how much this program would cost then! Unfortunately Kirsty doesn’t, so you will have to do some work yourself, guided and supported by her, to claim your relaxed life.

This is not a spiritual, religious or dogma program. It is a real look at strategies that you can use every day to improve your level of satisfaction, happiness and health. That we guarantee – all you have to do is watch the short videos each week, read the downloadable material, use the scripts and recorded meditations, and do the suggested activities – and of course practice, practice, practice.

Once you sign up and pay, you will get a username and password that will let you in and you can get started.

Remember, this is a 12 month membership. You can go at your pace and will get the chance to catch up if you are a bit behind or you can revisit and go over some of the content you would like to work with more.

What some people are saying…
”I have been learning to relax and meditate with Kirsty for awhile now and I wouldn’t do it with anyone else. They are not only fun but also conducted professionally. I have been doing them to help with my anxiety and depression and I would highly recommend to other people dealing with the similar issues. Kirsty is not only a barrel of fun but also highly experienced and always there for support. If anyone is thinking of learning how to relax and meditate for whatever your reason, I would advise you to learn from Kirsty.” – Dee

meditation group”Kirsty’s insights on mindfulness provide a different way of seeing the world. Sometimes it is just these minor differences or perspectives that allow you to be the best you can be. For me, relaxing and meditating with Kirsty provides a welcome relief and escape from my busy life – and better still, the effects can be felt long after.” – Suzette

“I have really enjoyed Kirsty’s groups. Kirsty is dedicated, passionate and supportive not only during groups but also offers support via messages and phone calls through the week when needed. The information sharing at the beginning and end of each group provides a strong basis for learning, which has put me on the path to my own personal development journey. Since starting I feel like I have a more conscious awareness of self, which helps me to approach everyday life situations with more control, clarity and calm.” – Holly.

”I love Kirsty’s classes. It is not just a mindfulness and mediation class, there is friendship, journaling and discussion. She has guided me and introduced me to a variety of techniques and mediations. This has assisted in reducing my stress levels and increasing my focus and concentration. Thank you Kirsty.” – Toni

“My husband and I have both had difficulties with relaxing and sleeping well for years. Having met Kirsty I decided we would join her relaxation and meditation group – what a difference it’s made to our lives. Although we’ve only been to 3 sessions so far, we are both sleeping better and seem to be able to relax more easily – I’ve never been one to sit still, and my brain is constantly active – the idea of relaxing is quite difficult for me as it’s not something I’ve ever done. Since starting meditating however, I find myself more at peace, able to appreciate the small things in life, and much happier and can actually “switch my brain off” – something I never thought I’d be able to do. My husband is feeling more relaxed in general, and is definitely sleeping much better. I have Kirsty’s CD’s and am finding them really helpful. I love Kirsty’s down to earth personality and enthusiasm.” – Trish and Les


Begin your relaxed and mindful life today!