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Welcome to The Mindful Madhouse™

While meeting all your day to day demands, chaos and responsibilities you may not find the time to attend workshops, show up to seminars or stop to re-energise and refocus.

Kirsty certainly understands this, so she created The Mindful Madhouse™ – a members only area for busy people and businesses. It is a dynamic online space where your personal and professional wellness and productivity needs can be met from home to workplace. During your membership you are encouraged and supported, personally by Kirsty, and have access to the best tools, guidance and information that can be downloaded, listened to or watched. Most importantly, you can work on your modules and activities when suits you and fits into your daily routine.

There are two levels of membership for you to choose from – Resilience & Results Hub and Relaxation & Meditation Hub

Some of what is included in our Madhouse Members only area

  • Downloadable audio and videos
  • Comprehensive workbooks
  • PDF’S
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Quiz’s
  • Awareness activities
  • Scripts
  • New tools and tutorials added regularly
  • Availability to check in and ask questions one on one with Kirsty
  • Monthly emails packed with tips and resources
  • Full personalised support for the duration of your membership

Ready to find out more?

Below are our current two membership opportunities.  Please keep checking back, or sign up to our newsletter, to find out when new Mindful Madhouse memberships and programs are released.


  • RESILIENCE & RESULTS HUB – This is a members only space offering personal and professional development tools and resources to improve performance and wellbeing, recover quickly from setbacks and challenges, adapt to change, achieve high goals and never give up.  You will learn and apply Kirsty’s 3 R’s © process that is guaranteed to get results from home to workplace.  By the end of this program you will have all the tools you need to recover quickly after stress and maintain physical, emotional and psychological wellness in the face of life’s challenges – begin your journey to satisfaction and a sense of achievement today.


  • RELAXATION & MEDITATION HUB – This is a members only space offering resources and support to reduce stress, apply mindfulness, and create a relaxation routine that works: resulting in more happiness and energy, better health, higher productivity and increased clarity and calmness. Who doesn’t want more of that?


Madhouse Membership Packages for Workplaces

We offer business packages for your workplace at corporate rates. Included in our membership packages for your team Kirsty will –

  • Support leaders and participants for the whole 12 months if they need assistance or get stuck.
  • Provide helpful team meeting tips for managers/owners to encourage everyone to get the most out of the program, and transfer that to their results at work and home.
  • Give a short introduction and outline to all team members, either in person or via Skype/Zoom (depending on your location.)

If you would like more information on Madhouse Membership and workplace rates contact Kirsty.



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