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FIFO Families – Parenting Tips and Tricks

I recently did a short talk at a FIFO family event in Perth.  The energy in the room was high and children were very excited with all the activities that were happening.  A perfect place to share tips and tricks to support parents.

Being Separated by Work, is a minefield of stress triggers for parents and children. Approaches to keep you and your children as stress-free as possible are outlined in video and handout below.

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Parenting a Difficult Child

Getting work books ready for upcoming workshop ‘Staying Sane Whilst Parenting a Strong Willed Child’, I decided to write a verse in front of workbook especially for these amazing parents.  I tend to keep my poetic abilities hidden or not used often, however once this was written felt I wanted to share it.  I hope it resonates with you and you enjoy 🙂

Parenting a Difficult Child

They can make your heart double; they can make your heart break.
They can allow you to expand, until the stretch makes you shake.
That is the parent of a difficult child.

They spend their days exploring and questioning,
They see a boundary; it sets a challenge in their mind.
You spend your days questioning and self-analysing,
Reaching for every parenting resource written and spoken you can find.
That is the parent of a difficult child.

The child does not see that anything damaging is being done,
Whether it is something broken or someone.
All they want is to test their will, to win and have fun,
All you feel is judged and a failure and wishing for sleep that may never come.
That is the parent of a difficult child.

You hear, it will get better or we could do this or that,
You hear that your friends having play dates that you were not at.
You are exhausted and have begun to yell,
All in all, some days are just hell.
That is the parent of a difficult child.

You think the world and your child hates you; they don’t.
You start to feel like there is no hope.
There are glimmers of joy, and sometimes pride,
There are also times when humiliation just makes you want to hide.
That is the parent of a difficult child.

So is there hope? So is there and answer to why?
I think there is, and you know it underneath the silent tears your cry.
A difficult child is just one that is brave,
I think these children are so much more than how they behave.

They do not mean to hurt, to isolate or demean,
They are just being who they were meant to be.
So the world isn’t quite ready for their demands of change,
The world is learning to adapt, but only through their rage.
This leaves you wondering why this child picked you,
They picked you because there is a warrior spirit inside you too.
That is the parent of a difficult child.

Some days will be good, some will not.
Some day’s people will support you and others they’re gone.
None of this will matter anymore to you now.
You now know that this child needs you to be 100 per cent,
They need you to be focused and present.
This is a parent of a difficult child.

It is time to bend their will, no longer attempting to break their spirit.
It is time to create a world that will be happy and comfortable to have them in it.
You know you can and so do they.
They trust your love for them so much, what else is there to say.
That is the parent of a difficult child.

So take up the challenge, become battle ready,
This is a fight you can only do slow and steady.
They believe in you and so do I, there will be no more try.
There is only I was born to do this, I can, and I will,
This is my most important mission, and I am ready for the thrill.

So there you have it,
The time has come,
To wear your banner proudly,
I am a wonderful Dad or Mum,
– Kirsty O’Callaghan

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