The Resilient Miner ©


6Dig deep, be successful and fly high.

Kirsty O’Callaghan is a resilience expert, author of Separated by Work, and professional speaker. She skilfully packages up all her personal and professional experience in her 3R’s© process to deliver life and result changing Resilient programs.

As a FIFO worker you’re often pushed to the limit.   The idea that the extra money will make up for the time away from home and family comes up short of your expectations time and time again. Then just when you think you have got the mix right – an unexpected situation arises that leaves you overwhelmed!

The Resilient Miner© Program is for you and your team that are dealing with –

  • Too much change and uncertainty
  • Feeling isolated and unhappy
  • Experiencing stress, illness and fatigue
  • Struggling to support and develop relationships and connections while on-site with colleagues and family members

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What others are saying…
“Kirsty was a speaker at the Utopia Women’s Wellness Brisbane event. Leading up to the event Kirsty showed professionalism and dedication to her audience not only on the day of the event, but also in her preparations and planning. I would recommend Kirsty as a speaker for events looking for a confident, reliable and proactive speaker. Visitors have also commended Kirsty on the high quality of information taken away from her presentation. I look forward to working with Kirsty in the future.” Renee Gardner – Event Co-ordinator

“Thank you so much for delivering our final keynote – it was incredible. I received really positive feedback from the delegates as to how worthwhile your session was, how it resonated with them and how well it rounded out the program. The delegates were challenged new ways of thinking and inevitable changes over the two days, and your session gave them some perspective and some tools on how to move forward, despite changes that were coming.” Tara Murphy – Queensland Public Librarians Association Conference

This process will build your capacity, personally and professionally –

  • To successfully deal with on-site demands, challenges and ever present change,
  • To be more involved and connected with your family and partner even when away,
  • To have more energy and be more productive at work, and
  • To create long lasting change and become The Resilient Miner.

What will each participant achieve –

  1. Understand how they think and make choices that either take them closer or move them away from the results they want.
  2. Learn and apply Kirsty’s transformational 3 R’s process – Reflect, get Real and Relationships.
  3. Develop and implement an action plan that will work.

Initial sessions and workshops can be one or all of the following –

  1. 45-60 minute Keynote
  2. Up to three hour workshop
  3. Full day workshop
  4. Online 4 week program

Follow up sessions and workshops –

  • Via Skype or phone for individuals and families
  • In person one day or two half days
  • Hotline for email and phone support
  • Online resources and training
  • Scheduled support for leaders to follow up with their team

Sessions are tailored to your organisation or business requirements. We are happy to discuss and add on –

  • Breakout sessions,
  • Individual or small group consulting, and
  • Leader | executive support and training.
  • Special information sessions for key topics. i.e. – parenting, relationships, communication, health and wellness, stress management, time/choice management.