Client Testimonials

Recommendations from some of our clients…

…”Life has a way of throwing you some curve balls. And sometimes you just need ‘someone’ who you can talk to, without judgement or criticism. Someone who can show you how to get back into the swing of things again. After seeing Kirsty for some life coaching I know how to deal with those curve balls. She has taught me so much about myself & life. I don’t think I could ever thank her enough for what she has done to help me. Kirsty is a rare gem & I would recommend her to anyone.”

Nicky Leicester


…”I have worked with Kirsty O’Callahgan for the past 18 months as an Expert Panelist on Toddlers To Teens Parent TV Show. Kirsty is very professional to work with and always over delivers. Her personality is very warm and caring in nature. Kirsty is very generous with her time and giving to all she works with. Whilst my son was ill and I needed to take some time out Kirsty offered to do posts and reply to comments on our facebook page without expecting anything in return. She is a very special person who gives 110% to everything she does. Kirsty has the highest integrity and always has your best interest at heart.”

Melissa Groom – Host/Producer Toddlers To Teens Parent TV Show


…”Kirsty is a professional in every sense of the word. The amazing impact Kirsty has had on my life and career is not able to be expressed in a few sentences. If you are truly ready for a profound, impacting and positive change in both your personal and professional life, Kirsty is the person who will be the guding force to get you from where you are now to where you choose to be. Even if you are not certain where that point is, Kirsty has the ability to enable you to become aware of that point and your hidden potentional and ensures you put the steps and strategies in place to get to there. A truly amazing professional and leader in her field.”

Katrina Robertson – Integrated Health Pty Ltd


…”What I have found amazing from Kirsty is her ability to approach people differently based on their own values and ideas of the world. She is a hard hitting coach who does not hold any punches which has worked for me. No time in life for beating around the bush. Personally I have gone through some very tough times and without the support and guidance from Kirsty I would not still be standing where I am!

If anyone is looking to improve themselves and/or their company first ask yourself are you ready for the truth, are you ready to take action and are you willing to keep growing from there.”

Mark Hipworth


…”I moved to Queensland three years ago and life certainly had it’s challenges. I was so pleased to find Kirsty and her services, to encourage and enlighten me on my way to enlightenment. It was the first time in my life that I was living along. I found Kirsty a great role model, easy to approach and she challenged me and my beliefs. I recommend anyone to utilize Kirsty’s services, her vast knowledge and experiences of the human mind and habits will answer any of your challenges in life.”

Dianne Morgan – Dinamic Enterprises Pty Ltd (Contours)


…”From the moment I met Kirsty, I was struck by her ability to combine professionalism and integrity with a down-to-earth attitude. She uses her vast expertise to create personalised and professional coaching that focus on my life as a whole, not merely my career. The results that I achieved far exceeded my expectations and continue to amaze me. I would recommend Kirsty to all professionals seeking to create a life as well as a career. Highly recommended, with many thanks”

Rachel McDonald – Beyond Health Qld


… “I got to know Kirsty initially as a colleague but now is a friend. She has a remarkable ability to connect with individuals and hear what they are saying. Kirsty is direct and to the point, however, in a non-threatening way. She accepts people as they are providing valuable support and encouragement. As a highly knowledgeable individual in a number of interconnected areas she is passionate and dedicated in her beliefs and values. She has high integrity and professionalism and applies what she preaches to her own life.”

Anna Cairo – Anna Cairo Consulting


…”I started seeing Kirsty on a personal level after the birth of my daughter as a Parenting Expert, Life Coach and all round ‘Someone to talk to’! The tips, advice and inspiration she has given me over the past year has truely made a difference in my work ethics, home life and over all well being. From simple things from taking alternative approaches to situations to advice on nutrition and recommendations to chat to her close working acquaintances, I can honestly say I am such a better person to have made the decision to see her. We are working now on building up my business to a point which I never thought possible. She is really helping me open my eyes to help me achieve things like a good balance of home life and work – as I work from home with a toddler it can get a bit over whelming!

I would not hesitate at all to recommend her to anyone.”

Rachel Woodcock -Tornado Graphic Design


…”Having had Kirsty’s invaluable input whilst compliling wellness workshops, manuals and marketing, I can highly recommend her skills and professionalism. She is amazing at being able to create focus, encourages motivation, simplifies seemingly complex problems, speaks lay person’s language and provides solid support while travelling the journey. At the end of the day Kirsty enables her clients to get their desired results.”

Kathy Jarret – Co-founder Nourish Your Wellness Workshops


“..I started out with a big dream for my new business and Kirsty has helped me turn that into a reality.

When I started my first session with Kirsty, I didn’t know what to expect. Boy am I so glad that I contacted her! Kirsty is an absolutely amazing person. She has the ability to bring out the best in you. If ever I felt a little down before a session, Kirsty knew exactly what to say or do to get me and my business back on track. She has made me see that anything is possible and that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I am truly grateful for the encouragement and support she has given me.”

Brooke Bekker – Fuel 4 Life Fitness


“….During my association with Kirsty I have come to know her as a lady who truly practices the principles she teaches. Consequently she is an excellent role model and inspirational mentor for her students. A highly qualified professional Kirsty manages to offer her courses at very reasonable prices with flexible delivery.

Without compromising her high level of professionalism Kirsty facilitates her classes with a friendly manner that communicates a genuine caring for individuals. Kirsty creates a relaxed and comfortable environment in which her students/clients can safely explore issues, discuss topics, enjoy the learning process and continue personal growth.

I know Kirsty as a woman of honesty, integrity and compassion…..”

Suzan Mobbs


“….. I have completed a variety of courses through Kirsty/Unity and have always found them to be full of practical strategies to help me in my daily life. The courses allowed me to be more confident, express myself and make new friends. Kirsty as a professional I found to be a very sharing and caring person willing to listen and give insight into situations I may have been finding challenging at that time in my life. Which in turn helped me build better relationships with my family and friends and helped me to realise I could lead a more fulfilling life….”

Ria Simoneson


“….. Kirsty has been a changing force in my development. Kirsty’s joy for life, including her supportive and encouraging teaching techniques, have helped me to achieve my personal goals both spiritually and personally. As I continue to learn and grow, Kirsty is always there as a mentor and my self confidence has grown due to her continued support and encouragement. Meeting Kirsty has been a life changing experience for me.…..”

Bernadette Van Hoof


“…… Kirsty’s workshops and training sessions are always presented and handled professionally, with relevant and practical information. She keeps it real, everyone has fun and leaves knowing they are better people for the experience…..”

Gail Middleton