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Our aim is your success – Communication & Relationships Management: individual, business, corporate, groups or events.

The impact Kirsty O’Callaghan has had on my life and career is not able to be expressed in a few sentences. If you are ready for change in both your personal and professional life, she will be the guiding force to get you from where you are now to where you choose to be. A truly amazing professional and leader. – K. Robertson Integrated Health Pty Ltd

How can Kirsty and her team help you?

Kirsty O’Callaghan shines in the communication and relationship management space, and has been in the business of positive disruption for over two decades. She expertly ignites conversations to raise awareness and points out new ways of thinking and opportunities to all those she works or partners with. She gives a new perspective to the key life and business areas of resilience, relationships and results, and sheds a unique light on her clients and students outdated habits and provides real solutions.

Kirsty is an active advocate for women in business, and has won multiple awards for her community dedication. As well as her book, Separated by Work, she has a range of written products that align with her professional services in consulting, speaking, and mentoring. Areas of service include: Social Media, Public Relations, Resilience Training.


Are you ready?

  • Do you want to turn your stress into success?
  • Are you ready to be a better parent, partner, business, leader… a better you?
  • Does your business, team or workplace need to increase engagement, motivation, productivity, performance or resilience?
  • Do you want a place to offload without all the judgement – and just want real solutions that will work?

Well, if you answered YES, you are in the right place!

Let’s have a quick chat and see if we are a good fit, and if we can provide a service that is going to get you feeling better and getting more out of life, business and your every day.

If we find after our chat that we can’t meet your needs at this time, Kirsty has built networks of amazing people, and I am sure that if she can’t, she knows someone who can!