LR_Kirsty_053We make sure that we always promote an awesome learning  and interactive environment – you will have more time with Kirsty and you will be encouraged and given time to make closer connections at the event or session. You will receive a workbook or information sheets on the day, which include summaries of the key concepts and skills that are covered.


  • Resilience for life to promote success
  • Mindfulness to promote health, happiness & results
  • Create quality relationships from home to workplace
  • Relationship rocky? Reconnect & get your happy back
  • Dealing with separation? What now?
  • Staying sane whilst parenting a strong willed child
  • Building a positive relationship with your teen
  • Communication to excel

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Resilience for life to promote success

As a parents, workers, students and in business you’re often pushed to the limit. You may be experiencing too much change, too much to learn and keep up, balancing home and family life with busyness; or just when you think you have got the mix right an unexpected situation arises that throws that elusive curve ball and leaves you overwhelmed. In this session Kirsty will take you through the proven process she has developed over a decade – the 3 R’s©  Reflect, Real and Relationships – to show you how to enhance your personal and professional resilience.

You will Learn:

  • Understand how you think and make choices that either takes you closer or moves you away from the results you want
  • Learn and apply the 3 R’s© process
  • Develop an Action Plan to implement when you go back home, and share your new skills and attitude with family (including children)
  • Be engaged, excited, expansive and empowered by change

A key aspect of being resilient is accepting that all change creates opportunities as well as problems to be solved. In this session Kirsty will share some the successful strategies she has used to help thousands of clients over 20 years so that you will get excited about change and setbacks, and reinvent yourself and your business to meet the challenges business and life present to all of us.

Resilience is a constant belief in yourself to be well, to be happy and to be better. Don’t we all want a bit more of that?

What attendees are saying –

This workshop was delivered easily and well. Kirsty is a down to earth person who shares her experiences to encourage others to grow.This course got me back on track and focused on how to get more out of every challenge. Kirsty explains everything so easily and has so much experience to share.

Amazing and inspiring, thank you

Friendly, non-judgmental environment and really look forward to future workshops

Easy to understand as Kirsty keeps it simple and straight forward. I know that I can now move forward in my life

A wonderful positive experience. Made me realise that I have to remember back so I can move forward

Kirsty is real, open and giving. I always come away with solid realistic ideas with which to move forward. I now have a plan thank you


Mindfulness – creating a practise to promote health, happiness and results

Kirsty O’Callaghan has been facilitating groups and teaching Meditation & Mindfulness for over 15 years. During that time she has found that when you have a regular meditation and mindfulness practise in place you can –

  • Have a better relationship with stuff that is happening
  • Be aware and more flexible
  • Experience a calm and relaxed state more
  • Not be stuck in the past, fear or worries
  • Have a stronger immune system
  • Have more energy and happiness
  • Manage anxiety and depression
  • Have the skills to overcome overwhelm
  • Create a positive and calm experience of daily life
  • Pay close attention, on purpose, right now, without judgement in your life
  • Be in the moment, for what it is, not a reaction or prediction
  • Have better body regulation and health
  • Develop better communication and listening skills
  • Experience  emotional balance
  • Have enhanced creativity and intuition
  • Be resilient and cope with most situations
  • Expand feelings of stability, kindness and compassion

Mindfulness has been adapted for use in treatment of depression, especially preventing relapse, anxiety disorders, stress, behaviour problems, interpersonal conflict, confusion, despair and for assisting with mood regulation.

After attending this workshop you will be able to create acceptance, more energy, clear-headedness, calm and more happiness in your daily life.  Over her years of teaching Mindfulness, Kirsty has found it is a skill that can be learned and practiced by anyone.


Create quality relationships from home to workplace

It’s been said that 80% of your happiness and health in life will come from your relationships and having strong support networks in place. However, this is an area where most people frequently drop the ball, leaving developing quality connections to chance.

At this workshop with Kirsty you will gain more clarity, support and positive results than you ever thought possible. You will get real strategies to create solid connections with your partner, family, friends, in business and with work colleagues. Kirsty will show you the magnificent M.A.G© formula to achieve fulfilling and satisfying relationships and connections personally and professionally. You will become more mindful, confident, approachable, have a great attitude and be able to follow through and grow with this process.

Facilitated through direct instruction, reflective exercises, group discussions and practice. You will identify key gaps in your current personal and professional relationships, understand alternative approaches that are compatible with your personality, and design a more conscious strategy for managing your relationships, so that you get the relationship results you want from home to workplace.

What attendees are saying –

Thank you for an amazing day of learning and insight. What I learnt about myself and others will help me to be of greater service to my clients and those I love. Your M.A.G formula is fantastic and provides an excellent framework to create a way of moving forward. Anyone who wants to learn how to have a magnificent life with better ways of relating to themselves and others will love this event.I learnt so much today and I now have my own power and control back of my life. A very positive day and I have a big sense of fulfilment.

This workshop offered me the opportunity to move forwards and upward.

I gained a lot of insight. I now know how important it is to love me and be my own best friend.

I feel much more in control of my life now! I loved the way you spoke about the M.A.G model as I can now refer to it at all times.

As a marriage counsellor and psychotherapist of 29 years I found Kirsty to be refreshing and inspiring.


Relationship rocky? Reconnect and get your happy back.

Kirsty O’Callaghan, relationship expert, understands that most people want to find a partner to share their lives with. When you finally fall in love and commit to a relationship you believe, or would like to believe, it will last forever and most of the bumps that life will deliver will not bump you out of love with your partner.

You have expectations that you will act together to realise both of your dreams and goals and always be on the same side. Inevitably though, every couple will experience relationship difficulties. Couples will always be confronted and sometimes overwhelmed by challenges they face. Sometimes these challenges leave each partner feeling alienated and alone and unable to sort out the issues, communicate with each other or rekindle the closeness you once felt, no matter how hard you try. Arguments occur, with the same frustrating outcomes, and both partners can feel stuck, unhappy and growing apart. As time goes on one or both of you may start considering separation. Sadly, separation and divorce statistics are high, yet many of the difficulties that threaten the survival of relationships can be sorted out, with the right help.

This workshop will be a starting point for you and your partner to begin to reconnect and get your happy back. By design you are welcome to come with your partner or just one of you. Either way you will gain healthy and helpful insights that will get you back on track.

Kirsty has helped hundreds of people through relationship issues as well as brings the experiences from her own life events. From this she has been able to develop an insight and empathy, skills and strategies, and an absolute passion that will support and help you to create the life and partnership that you desire.

Part of what is covered: –

  • What causes relationship problems?
  • Recognising when there are relationship problems
  • Conflict resolution and overcoming communication breakdown
  • Embracing differences and still being on the same page
  • Steps to take to re-create a healthy & happy relationship
  • Create a relationship plan of action
  • Other resources for relationship issues


Dealing with separation? What now?

It’s never easy when a marriage or significant relationship ends. When relationships fail, we experience profound disappointment, stress, and grief. Everything is disrupted – your routine and responsibilities, your home, your relationships with extended family and friends, and even your identity. A breakup brings uncertainty about the future and questions your ability to cope on your own. Will you find someone else? Will you end up alone? These unknowns often seem worse than an unhappy relationship.

Whatever the reason for the separating or considering separation – whether you want it or not – the breakup of a relationship can turn your whole world upside down and trigger all sorts of painful and unsettling feelings, for you and other family members that may be affected.

Kirsty O’Callaghan, relationships and family expert, knows firsthand that there are plenty of things you can do to get through this difficult time and move on. She will help you learn from the experience and grow into a stronger and wiser person. She will share with you techniques to overcome overwhelm, anxiety, sadness and confusion. You will be given checklists and methods that have been developed over her years of experience working with clients and her own personal journey.

Part of what is covered –

Healing after a divorce or breakup
Allow yourself to grieve, forgive and let go
Realise and eliminate patterns that attract poor relationships into your life
Reach out to others and ask for help
Take care of yourself and get reinvent ready
Learning and applying important lessons
Issues around children and family
Create a plan to move forward
Resources to support you
This workshop provides you with tools and support so that you can launch yourself into the next chapter of your life with determination, anticipation and a big smile on your face.


Staying sane whilst parenting a strong-willed child

For Parents of children 0 – 11 years old.

They may cry more. They may sleep less. They definitely demand more. Their first, second and third words are: no, no and no again. Some parents and care-givers call them “difficult”, “naughty” or “stubborn”. Strong-willed kids are also people of integrity who aren’t easily swayed from their own viewpoints.  Strong-willed kids want to learn things for themselves rather than accepting what others say, so they test the limits over and over. They want desperately to be “in charge” of themselves, and will sometimes put their desire to “be right” above everything else. When their heart is set on something, their brains seem to have a hard time switching gears.  Strong-willed kids have big, passionate feelings and live at full throttle.

Being the parent of a strong-willed child might seem like quite the challenge, but as you will discover, Kirsty believes your strong-willed child is a blessing. What you see as a stubborn and frustrating personality today is the beginnings of a confident, powerful personality in the future.

With the right tools, strategies and support you can parent your strong-willed child with the right combination of compassion, sensitivity and expectation – setting your child up for a bright future and eliminating a lot of stress and overwhelm for you.

This day promises to be a transformational day for you and your family.

What attendees are saying –

Thanks so much Kirsty, this has been so good and has really opened my eyes up to what I have been doing and need to do, thank youThank you, well set out and is a big help to me 

Thanks for teaching me extra strategies to help me be a better person and parent 

Found today to be informative, well spoken talk, got a lot out of it and found time flew


Building a positive relationship with your teen

For Parents of children 12-17 years old.

It’s all too easy for parents to be side-tracked right when their children need them most — during the teenage years. It is a time when the kids get busy with school, sports and friends and parents are at the peak of their careers, or can start to get back to what they want and need to do. A parent of a teen is usually a busy and stressed-out parent, and when their teen makes mistakes (and they will), the parent may respond in ways that doesn’t always convey acceptance, understanding and love. Walls go up in the relationship and suddenly the teenager and parent become strangers.

This is about the same time that Kirsty usually gets a call from the frantic parent saying their teenager is spinning out of control. Teenagers need their parents more than they will ever admit. When the relationship has disconnected, it is all too easy for a teenager to start down the wrong path in life. When they do, it is a wake-up call for the teen and the parents to reflect, re-evaluate and reconnect.

To build a better relationship with your teen and eliminate confusion and overwhelm Kirsty has some tools, strategies and support for you.

Some of what is covered in workshop is –

  • How to remain aware of your needs and theirs
  • Staying balanced, and
  • How to be conscious and effective in your choices – to build real communication, trust, respect and boundaries.

What attendees are saying –

Valuable information on how to look at life and situations differently and how to take steps to move forward not backward.Fantastic. Just what I needed.  I came away feeling like I learnt so much and feel so powerful again. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

I loved it. Thanks for helping me shine my light again.



Communication to excel

Kirsty shows you practical and simple steps so that you can start enlisting support and gaining valuable rapport to create the results you want now.

You will leave this session with new skills including learning how to –

  • Identify important  components of communication
  • Limit communication breakdown by addressing barriers
  • Communicate clearly
  • Understand perceptions and their effect on the communication process
  • Adjust to different personalities and understand why it is not one approach fits all
  • Say No with style
  • Use communication as a ‘whole body’ tool
  • Develop your listening skills
  • Ask the right questions
  • Use questions to get ownership and buy-in from others
  • Navigate difficult conversations
  • Communicate under pressure
  • Identify conversations for phone or face to face, and
  • Use email appropriately  

If you are looking for change, expert support and real solutions for real life; contact us today.