Resilience & Results Membership

What is the Resilience & Results Hub?  It is a members only space offering personal and professional development resources and support so you can improve performance, gain clarity, recover quickly from setbacks and challenges, adapt well to change, achieve high goals and never give up: resulting in less stress, more satisfaction, better relationships and increased productivity, health and happiness! Who doesn’t want more of that?

How can you keep showing up in the face of daily demands, change, uncertainty and when you are stretched to your limits? Have you heard yourself say lately, “This is just too hard!?”

Are you struggling to keep up; dealing with too much stress, have too much to learn and do (at work or at home), are doing something you don’t love and wonder how you can ever get of this treadmill?  Do you feel like you lack the confidence, energy and resources to get the results you want?

If so, this 12 month Resilience and Results opportunity is for you!

After two decades in the business of training, speaking, coaching and consulting – from individuals to organisations – Kirsty has developed, refined and reworked her Resilient Program, The 3 R’s ©, that educates and supports thousands of people to live A Resilient Life into premium membership hub.

This process encourages and supports individuals, businesses and organisations to become more resilient and get extraordinary results.  This Madhouse Membership Hub is created by a successful busy working women, mother, mentor and business owner (Kirsty), for other busy people who face challenges, yet want to find a way to be well, be happy, be confident and successful, and be productive.

Included –

  • Downloadable audio and videos
  • Comprehensive workbooks
  • PDF’S
  • Worksheets
  • Checklists
  • Quiz’s
  • Awareness activities
  • Scripts
  • New tools and tutorials added regularly
  • Availability to check in and ask questions one on one with Kirsty
  • Monthly emails packed with tips and resources
  • Full personalised support for the duration of your membership

You can go at your pace and go back over any of the content you would like to work with more.

Why not start turning your stress into success today, achieve higher personal and professional goals, show up everyday as the best version of you, and be a part of something amazing?

By the end of this program you will learn and apply Kirsty’s transformational 3 R’s © process, take better care of you, recover quickly after stress, trauma, adversity and setbacks, and develop and implement a plan of action that will work for you and get the results you want.

Some of what is covered –


  • Resilience in a nutshell
  • Experience extreme Resilience
  • Keeping your cup full
  • Journaling – Why?
  • Testing your ability to handle change
  • Managing the physical stuff – exercise, sleep, eating, environment Relaxing the body to reduce stress
  • Pause and assess
  • The 3 R’s process – Reflect, get Real and Relationships
  • Methods to take right action
  • Overcoming worry and procrastination.
  • A mindfulness practise that works
  • Values and Goals workbooks
  • Managing your choices
  • Communicating with purpose
  • Positive self-expectancy
  • Principles and questions
  • Kirsty’s Resilience Cards
  • Meditations (scripts and audio) to boost resilience, health and energy
  • Accountability, checklists and check-ins
  • Support!

We have chosen strategies that have proven results in credible studies, and packaged up all Kirsty’s personal and professional experience, to deliver to you the highest quality tools and information that you can read, listen to, and do at home or in the workplace.


A Resilient Life is for you if you…

  • are experiencing too much change and uncertainty
  • want to get better results
  • have too much to do
  • are feeling isolated, lonely and unhappy
  • are feeling stressed and fatigued
  • struggle to develop supportive and positive relationships and connections
  • have difficulty engaging in tough challenges
  • know you need to take better care of you
  • want to recover from setbacks as quickly as possible
  • would like to create a supportive team of people around you
  • need to adapt to expected and unexpected change, and
  • are ready to achieve your dreams and goals

It isn’t for you if you expect Kirsty to do it all for you. It is not for you if you think by enrolling all your challenges will disappear.  You must be committed to your success and do the work while being guided and supported along the way by the whole Unity Words team.

This is a real look at strategies that you can use every day to improve your level of satisfaction, happiness and health – from home to workplace. That we guarantee – all you have to do is read and follow the instructions from the downloadable material, use the scripts and recorded material, and do the suggested activities – and of course practice, practice, practice. Kirsty is there with you every step of the way if you need any help, and you will find that there are new resources and tutorials shared regularly.

Once you sign up and pay, you will get a username and password that will let you in and you can get started.

Remember, this is a 12 month membership. You can go at your pace and go over any of the content you would like to work with more at any time.


What some people are saying…
“Kirsty’s courses are delivered easily and well. Kirsty is a down to earth person who shares her experiences to encourage others to grow.” – Kat

“I am now back on track and focused on how to get more out of every challenge. Kirsty explains everything so easily and has so much experience to share. Amazing and inspiring, thank you.” – Racheal

“Kirsty keeps it simple and straight forward. I know that I can now move forward in my life.” – Christine

“A wonderful positive experience. Made me realise that I have to remember back so I can move forward. Kirsty is real, open and giving. I always come away with solid realistic ideas with which to move forward. I now have a plan thank you.” – Sandra

“Thank you. What I learnt about myself and others will help me to be of greater service to my clients and those I love. Your processes are fantastic and provide an excellent framework to create a way of moving forward. Anyone who wants to learn how to have a magnificent life with better ways of relating to themselves and others will love this event. I learnt so much today and I now have my own power and control back of my life.” – Mel

“I gained a lot of insight. I now know how important it is to love me and be my own best friend.” – Penny

“I feel much more in control of my life now! I loved the way you spoke about the 3 R’s process as I can now refer to it at all times.” – Sue

“As a marriage counsellor and psychotherapist of 29 years I found Kirsty to be refreshing and inspiring.” – Trevor

“Thanks so much Kirsty, this has been so good and has really opened my eyes up to what I have been doing and need to do, thank you.” – Greg

“Thanks for teaching me extra strategies to help me be a better person and parent. Found today to be informative, well-spoken talk, got a lot out of it and found time flew. Valuable information on how to look at life and situations differently and how to take steps to move forward not backward.” – Mark 

Why not start turning your stress into success today, achieve higher personal and professional goals, show up everyday as the best version of you, and be a part of something amazing?