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A Year of Possibilities

Happy New Year!

Preparing for a new year can often feel daunting, and will be overlooked by many if it seems to hard, only to find regret around Easter that this time wasn’t taken.

So, to help you prepare, I have put together a list of ten points to consider when entering into anything new, especially a new year of possibilities, to support you getting the most out of this year.

The following list will give you the beginnings of creating a strong foundation to leap off. This reminds me of one of my favourite sayings, “prior preparation prevents piss poor performance!” Take time to mull over each one.

  1. What is your carrot? What is the thing, your why, that will keep you moving forward and keep your focus?
  2. Get real about the pitfalls, and the worst-case scenario that can occur. It is likely you will be struggle free this year, yet there is also a chance that stuff will happen, you will be blindsided, and bowled over. When stuff happens, what is the plan? What is the best way to address it? What is going to work to keep everyone on the same team, solution and goal focused?
  3. Create a dialogue around what you say to other friends, family members, your children, and those you talk to about your goals, career and lifestyle. Be supportive and positive in your language and prepare the standard responses. This will help when people begin to share their well–intended, yet negative opinion of your choices.
  4. How are you going to manage your finances this year? Create a realistic and flexible budget, then stick to it.
  5. Identify the possible stressors within your family, the routines that are required, also how the responsibilities will be shared to meet the demands of how you would like this year to look.
  6. Listen to how the other people in your circle of influence are feeling, the hopes, positive feelings, concerns, worries, and motivations. Open the conversation to what ifs, those things that may never happen—what if someone becomes ill, what if you are losing sight of the carrot, what if stress gets the better of you, what if one of you is just over it? There are lots of what ifs, discussing them lightly with no expectation of them ever happening, is a good thing because this can alert you to possible stress triggers later on and you will be more open and prepared to deal with the issues together.
  7. Start now to find all the resources you can that have information on what you would like to achieve. Start by Googling, and the more you read, learn, feel supported, and develop an understanding of the jargon, the easier you will find it is to keep on track.
  8. Set up a plan of communication and connection to others. What will work for you, your friends and your family? It doesn’t have to be every day, but by having a sense of belonging and a supportive network around you will triple your chances of success. Don’t get too busy to check in with your mates and family.
  9. What is going to be your time management system, or flexible plan, or list process that keeps you on track with all you want to do, need to do, and includes rest and relaxation?  Have a rough idea prepared so you will enjoy more fun and relaxation, keep working towards your ‘why’, and reduce overwhelm and stress.
  10. How will you improve, grow and develop this year? Just working and watching TV isn’t going to hit the right note. Could you be studying, reading, personally or professionally developing, starting a side home business, learning a new type of dance, getting fit, getting involved in a sport or volunteer position, or making new friends? You may be limited by hours in the day or home responsibilities, however embarking on something new that fits in with your life will energise you and support new possibilities.

I hope these tips spark a brighter vision for you this year. I wish you a wonderful 2018, and if you would like any support – either questions, or would like a quick phone chat please email me.
Kirsty 🙂

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Could It Be That Easy?

Considering one of my intentions this year is that life meets me with ease, joy and grace; here I am at 12.16am writing a blog post and getting this months e-news out to you. How does that work you ask? Well I’m glad you did…

I went to bed at my usual time – 10 ish, went through my usual routine, read for a bit, watched a TED video and put on my meditation music to go to sleep to. My mind was unusually active so after attempting to relax, encourage sleep, convince myself to sleep, I remembered my promise to myself. I promised to expereience ease this year, to go with the flow, follow what my body and energy is telling me and trust more when something doesn’t feel right. As it happens, sleep was not feeling right. So I asked the question, what is the best thing for me to do right now…. And the answer that popped into my mind was get up and do some work.

So here I am. I actually feel really sharp and happy to be chatting with you right now. Also being school holidays and just experienced 2 of the hottest days on record, I have spent the last 2 days mostly safely tucked away in air con with my 6 year old building and sorting Legos, playing snap and watching movies. So maybe my rest time is up to date? What ever it is, I am trusting that right now, this is exactly right for me.

What if we could all give this a go this year? What if you could step out of what others are doing, what is supposed to be right for everyone, what is the expectation, what others would think; and live YOUR life in a way that is good for you. What if you could put to one side all those fears and doubts that come up regularly. Live YOUR life to the fullest and following through on what your body and energy is telling you. Live YOUR life in line with what inspires you, motivates you and gives you the most smiles. Live YOUR life surrounded by those that uplift you and those you enjoy the most laughs and fun with. Live YOUR life challenging yourself to be meaningful and purposeful rather than what you are supposed to expect and achieve. What if….? Would that make your life more easy, joyful and glorious?

So this year, especially this year, I would like many things, I have created my intentions and set the goal posts. I have created a vision board that really makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Most of all I am excited about how easy I am going to experience every day, every interaction and every moment. Don’t get me wrong, I fully expect to have to stretch, be challenged, learn and sometimes be confused. However, my mindset on ease, listening and trusting, and being calm is my first and foremost priority. How about you? Have a wonderful, easy and joyful 2014.

Kirsty 🙂

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