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The Confidence Rollercoaster!

I was talking to a friend and she said, “How can you be so confident all the time?  You are such a ‘go getter’. I wish I had more confidence and self-belief like you.”

This dialogue got me thinking, and this was my response:

My definition of self-belief, or self-esteem, and confidence are: liking and feeling good about me enough to know that I am doing the best I can; and if I am determined enough, and work hard enough, and I trust my abilities, then the right results in the right order will follow. 

My sense of confidence and esteem does change constantly depending on various factors, including my day to day mood, appearance, ability, others opinions or the situation. So, as you can see, it is not something that you begin to act like and then ‘voilà’ all is well!

I have found that regularly checking in on how I am feeling about myself leads to a direct reflection of how I perform and present myself to the world. If I need to adjust my thinking, eating, or doing, I am on it. I make sure that I am consciously making choices on how I want to be, rather than letting the ups and downs of emotions, events and energy levels take control of my decisions, moods and actions.

The main mistake I witness a lot of people make is relying on others expectations and opinions and daily performance statistics to dictate who they are and how good they are.

All things change, you live and learn, you make mistakes and you have wins. We all have ups and downs, good and bad days. This is no reflection on your worth, rather a testimony to you living life.

The best way to overcome the rollercoaster of self-doubt, highs and lows, and judgement of your abilities is to have a strong sense of self-value and self-respect. Take a pause and when you are feeling less confident and a bit shaky, check in with you, adjust and get back to doing the best you can do.

You will then move into a space of making productive choices rather than staying longer than you need to in less than comfortable situation, entertaining draining emotional turmoil, giving too much time to listening to your inner critical voice, or worse, heeding another person’s views, and entertaining self-sabotage behaviours.

Trust yourself, respect yourself, do the best you can in any given moment, and you will find the confidence and self-belief rollercoaster can become fun rather than terrifying.

Until next time, K 🙂

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Book Review: PUG (Philosophical Universal Guidance)

When Exisle Publishing asked me to review PUG I wondered whether it was a children’s book, a book for Pug owners (the dog breed) or, something else.

What I found was it was something else entirely!

The author (apparently, no ordinary Pug) hopes that through sharing his or her thoughts with the reader, they are inspired to be happier, more optimistic and live a more fulfilling life.  Did I find this to be true as I turned the pages and read on?

Yes, I did!  PUG’s message – translated through the wise words and delightful illustrations of Helen James – opens possibilities for the reader to take positive action in 29 encouraging and insightful short teachings.

This colourful book is perfect for a central location in your home, on the lunchroom table at work or a gift for someone who needs a boost. And, the most wonderful realisation is that this book will be enjoyed by all age groups.

If you are looking for a daily or weekly focus, know you could be doing something different or better and don’t know what that is or you want to benefit from the wisdom of one of the world’s oldest dog breeds, this book is certain to inspire and delight.

Buy Book | More Information – RRP $19.99 – Due for release October 2017 so pre-order your copy now.


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Life can be hard sometimes…


Life can be so hard sometimes, can’t it? The day in day out ‘stuff’, like –

  • Meeting all the expectations and demands of others.
  • Trying to look like you are successfully juggling it all.
  • Putting on a happy face when you really just want to say, “no, I’m not okay!”
  • Friends and family letting you down – yet you can’t mention it in case you look insensitive.
  • Pretending your whole family is so happy – like the Brady Bunch.
  • Moments when you think that you need some new goals because life isn’t exciting or purposeful anymore.
  • Life is dishing you up lemons instead of Lamborghini’s.
  • Then to top it all off – you are getting closer to 50 and there are bits that just aren’t doing what they are supposed to!

I am certain this is just not me, actually I know this isn’t just me as most of my friends and clients, at some point, go through all this too.

Is there a special trick to overcoming these moments? Is there a quick fix that works for everyone else? Some would like you to think so, but…

I don’t know about any tricks or quick fixes that actually have a substantial long-term impact – yet I do know that not giving up and being open to other possibilities is a start.

We are now in spring in Australia. It is a time of warming up and getting outside more to enjoy the sunshine, and a time of growth for plants (and people too).

It is the best time to think about and begin to plan new possibilities and watch them grow. It is a time to reflect and put to rest what isn’t working and the things you no longer want to move forward with. It is a time, which I use, to welcome in the energy of nurturing newly planted ideas and doing what it takes for them to grow strong and balanced.

My big announcement this month, after a couple of months of feeling like I had no clear direction, I decided to hit the books again and am going to University – beginning 1st semester next year. I have been offered a place in Bach of Communication. I fell in love with writing last year whilst writing my first book, and I want to get even better at this art. I will be doing this part time so I can work around my business and my family. I am so excited, and feel that inner drive deep in my belly again. I know this is the right thing for me to be doing right now – as yet though I have no idea how I will pull it all off! My nervousness was overcome when my offer came through on the 1st September – 1st day of spring – can’t get a better ‘sign’ than that of being on the right path!

When life is being hard and heavy, I acknowledge it, then get out a piece of paper and begin to write what it is, what I want to be different and what I can do now – even the smallest thing – to begin change. It is amazing what gets written on that paper, just like my decision to study again.

Enjoy the energy and possibilities that spring can bring for you – allow spring to soften the tough bits so that new things can grow.

Kirsty 🙂

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Parents – you can ask for help

IMG_4474Asking for help is not an admission of failure; it is a realisation that you don’t have to do everything on your own.

It took me a long time to be able to ask for help, especially once I became a parent and then a single parent. I had to overcome the fear of rejection – that if someone said no, it was because they didn’t like me. I wouldn’t ask because in my mind others were sure to judge me, and see that I wasn’t good enough. I had an inner belief and rule that said I made my bed, so I had to lie in it.

Primitive cultures knew that it took a team effort for their community to run successfully.   It was the group that took care of the children, and it was everyone’s responsibility to look after each other.

There was a time when societies and communities found there was always someone to help without asking. Everyone had tasks to do each day, and that included whatever children were running around their feet – theirs or not. The world was perceived as safer and children could explore and parents didn’t panic if they had not seen or heard their child in the last two minutes. There was a simplicity and naturalness around raising children, and it was viewed as a job in itself, to stay at home and care for the family.

I believe we have lost the ability to just ask for help or help out. Now we find ourselves in a time where life is very different. Quite often both parents work and they pay for someone to watch their children. Caring for the family is no longer given the time requirements or value it once was, as most people live away from family and close friends. Many parents I have spoken to feel they have to make up parent, which leads to parenting from guilt or fear. Employers may frown upon parents asking to take leave or time out from work to care for a child, which only amplifies the guilt. Most people are so busy and are dealing with their own responsibilities that they have no time left to help out their friends, neighbours or family members.

Over time I found a common thread in many of my clients who were coming to me for parenting support – most parents felt they needed to be seen as they can cope with anything – that they were viewed by others as super Mum/Dad.  The truth was they weren’t coping and didn’t feel super.

I decided it was time to let everyone know it is strength, not weakness, to ask for help, and offer solutions to overcome this limiting way of thinking and parenting. Suggestions are listed below so you can easily ask for help when you need it.

Open Communication – Let every family member have a voice, and their thoughts be heard, in an environment of respect. If you need help at home you can ask your partner and children. A damaging habit I have seen – which is not open communication – is a person expecting their non-verbal queues (such as huffing, banging and under the breath comments) to be interpreted as, SOME HELP NOW WOULD BE GOOD. Remember that no one is in your shoes, with your responsibilities and view of the world – and no one is a mind reader. This is where clear and open communication is vital.

Unconditional Support – Unconditional means there are no conditions on the love and help you give as well as you receive. You don’t have to be good, wealthy, beautiful and perfect to deserve help. Creating a network of support that gives you a sense that you are accepted for who you are will make it easier for you to ask for help guilt free. This works both ways as you can be there for others without any expectations of reward or appreciation as well. Rewards always come to those who give – it may not be where you think it will come from, however it will come back to you.

Do your best – You can only do the best you can in that moment. Knowing that you are doing your best will allow you to ask the right questions – “If this isn’t working what can I do or find out to make it work?” “If I am doing my best why do I still feel like I am going round in circles and what can I do differently?” These sorts of questions take you out of feeling defeated, overwhelmed and comparing yourself to someone else. You can then seek help in the right places.

Stop, think and listen – Stop and take a moment to consider 3 things-

  • Why do I need to ask for help?
  • What do I need the most help with now?
  • Who is the best person to ask?

Check in with yourself first, and take notice of the answers that come to you. Then rate the following areas of your life out of ten. One being completely overwhelmed and ten being on track and comfortable-

  • Children
  • Being organised
  • Partner
  • Family time
  • Time with extended family and friends
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Work
  • You time
  • Learning/education
  • Home duties

What areas have you identified that you are struggling with? What could you ask for help with? What would increase your satisfaction levels each day if something was done for you regularly or occasionally? Most importantly – who is the best person to ask? Help comes in many different forms – from hiring a cleaner, occasional day care or babysitting, help from family members, help from your partner, and even swapping ‘services’ with a trusted colleague or friend.

Go ahead today – identify where you need help and get the right people on board to give you a hand. You will feel so much better and your children will learn a valuable skill, so that when they need help they can ask for it too.

Kirsty 🙂

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3 D’s – Do, Delegate, Dump

I can get very busy distracting myself from the daily grind of daily life pressures and separation from my husband who is FIFO (fly in fly out worker). With no one here to see what I am doing I can get caught up in meaningless tasks that do not contribute to any level of achievement or feelings of satisfaction. I often remind myself that how I am using my time compared to how I could be using my time is completely different.

Facebook is a classic example of time slipping away unchecked – where magically 10 mins turns into 2 hours and during this time the tasks on the to do list did not magically get done. To overcome the distractions I follow the 3 D’s. They are –

Do – The tasks you must do or want to do yourself.
Once you have identified these then –
• Prioritise tasks in order of importance and urgency.
• Group ‘like’ tasks together, for example all phone calls, appointments, housework, play time, you time etc.
• Make the best of your prime time – the time when you have the most energy during the day and the least interruptions.

Delegate – Get someone else to do some tasks. I am living a FIFO life, if my husband was home I would ask him to do certain tasks, or they would be his job. He is not here some of the time so I will ask my daughter, her boyfriend and close friends to help. Tasks that can wait till my husband gets home go on his list.

Delegating is helping others as well as yourself. I encourage my family to think as part of a team, and when one team member can’t the others step up. In the beginning I found it hard to ‘let go’ of tasks, for many reasons including the fear of not being noticed as a ‘super, important and busy person’ and the fear of being judged as not coping. I had to look at it another way – I had extra time for other things I wanted to do and I had shared an opportunity for someone to learn something new and they could be appreciated for it.

Dump – If it is of no value get rid of it. Be aware throughout the day of the time ‘eaters’. Decide if what you are doing is taking you closer to your goals. The time ‘eaters’ are the activities that take you off track or are not contributing to feeling happy, healthy and productive. Good examples are –
• social media pages and games,
• those wonderful warm, funny and fuzzy emails that are sent to you,
• too much TV,
• annoying and draining people or worry.

If it is not on the to do list – worry is rarely on a too do list – dump it. If family time or exercise time is lost due to being in front of a screen – turn it off.

Till next time – Kirsty

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Are you in the flow of your success?

What an amazing and fortuitist time to be alive. So many opportunities, so many doors opening and support is at an all time high. Hold on, what is that you say; you are not experiencing this?

I am sorry to hear it if you are not, however would you like to? Would you like to be in your flow of success and happiness? Would you like to be surrounded by the most wonderful synchronicities every day?

This is how my life has become and I am happy to share my top tips with you to get your flow flowing again.

  • Do not entertain resentment, anger, frustration, judgment, or any other negative emotion for more than 3 minutes. This will limit you, your chances of success and what for? Just practise letting it go and remember we all have a plan to fulfill, when you are on track it always feels right, so if you are not feeling it don’t do it. 
  • If you have a hunch, a gut feeling or an inspired idea – action it.
  • Know and expand into your ‘story’. Create your story as grand as you were meant to be, trust, let go, and begin living your perfect life as the person in that ‘story’ would.
  • Take action, take action, take action and repeat. This isn’t fake it until you make it, this is showing that you believe in your dreams and what you really want and are prepared to meet the results half way.
  • Everyday have a positive, profound and powerful statement that you say to yourself that brings a smile to your face and keeps you on track. Fall in love with life and life will love you right back. 
  • Always believe what you need and want will turn up as soon as you truly think, speak and believe it will regularly, consistently and with passion.
  • Don’t let the doubter, the critic, the naysayer and the negative Nancy get in the way.  Don’t for one minute give permission to those thoughts that say you can’t and those thoughts of hate, dislike or judgment of others come up and stop your rewards reaching you, or worse, you are so distracted you don’t see them. When the way is clear it is not up to you to decide how it will happen, it is just up to you to be ready with open arms.

It may sound simple, you may, right now, not think it will work; you may be thinking that I have no idea how hard it is for you. I can say to you, what have you got to loose? Try it and see if it makes a difference. Don’t overcomplicate it, just do it, keep it simple.  Push through 28 days, push through when it seems too hard, and push through when you have a magnificent day.

I wonder if it will work for you? I look forward to hearing about your results.

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Sleep to Improve Productivity – Sleep Awareness Week

There is a good reason why lack of quality sleep affects you so adversely. If you remember surviving through a new born, sleeping next to a snorer, had jet lag or are going through menopause, you will be able to sympathise with anyone who suffers insomnia.

You may find yourself staring at the clock at 2am in the morning, wishing for sleep during stressful times, through noisy neighbours or experiencing times in your life that leave you feeling drained, empty and anxious. As you stare at the clock you know the next day is going to be a tough one to get through as lack of sleep will leave you feeling depleted, flat and exhausted.

Professor David Hillman, Chair of the Sleep Health Foundation, says that approx. 25% of Australians complain of difficulty with sleep. He also says that around half (1 in 10 people) have a disorder of sleep that may need medical attention. The remainder suffers from poor sleep habits, including failure to make enough time for sleep in their busy lives.

People who have poor sleeping habits are less productive, less safe when driving and suffer more mood swings. There is also suggestions that people with good sleeping habits live longer and have stronger immune systems.

Sleep Awareness Week starts on 29th September – 5th October. The website has a comprehensive list of information sheets about all aspects of sleep and is a great resource if you face difficulties getting a good nights rest.

Sleep allows your mind and body to recover from the days events, stresses and wear and tear. When we sleep the body goes through 6 processes –

  1. Toxic waste management
  2. Healing/Repair/Immune
  3. Growth
  4. Anti stress and emotional consolidation
  5. Memory consolidation
  6. Learning

The good news is that there are many things you can do to get a better nights sleep. Most importantly make proper rest and recovery time and sleep a priority. Without taking time out to rest, recover and having adequate sleep, judgment, mood, and ability to learn and retain information are weakened. Being able to give yourself permission to rest, giving your body time to relax and recover, and achieving restful sleep begins with listening to when you need time out just to be and honour your feelings. Keeping a consistent sleep and rest routine and creating a home and bedroom environment that promotes relaxation is the beginning of an effective self-care and wellbeing practice and follow some proven tips from the sleep health foundation website above.

Sweet dreams all 🙂

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Having a Great Support Network Will Promote a Longer, Happier & Healthier Life.

Fostering close friendships is crucial to increasing longevity and maintaining your health. By creating a social “safety net,” you can protect yourself from depression, anxiety and physical ailments.

During times of high stress, self-care, friendships and support networks have a tendency to fade into the background, while work and family expectations and obligations take centre stage. This is a mistake and in fact, counterproductive to maintaining your physical, mental and emotional well-being! Recent studies have suggested that

  • 22% of people that have a good support network live longer happier lives
  • the happiest people socialise about seven hours a day,
  • you’re three times more likely to be happy if you are married,
  • each new friend will boost your happiness about 10 percent.

So is there a magic formula to developing those quality relationships personally & professionally that power you forward, that satisfy you, nurture you, allow you to feel safe to express yourself, and get you results?

I don’t know if it is a magic formula, and nothing worthwhile is gained without effort and practise, however with my years of experience in the relationship building industry and after overcoming many personal hurdles I have come up with a method, that I will share with you that will allow you to be on your way to being a more interesting and interested partner, friend, colleague, parent and person. You will be able to gain support, acceptance, approval and co-operation.

I run a very successful business, which thrives because of my belief in me and the service I provide, my ability to communicate my message and build successful business alliances. It wasn’t always like that though. It seems to have been a lifelong search on how to be heard and feel confident enough in my vision and myself to speak up.

My process is a 9 step process that is bundled up in 3 steps – my M.A.G. method©. Not N.A.G, because that is not helpful in excellent relationships, rather MAG for magnificent!

M – Mindfulness & Confidence – Know yourself, your message and your ‘audience’

A – Approach & Attitude – Believe in yourself, your message and your ‘audience’

G – Growth & Follow through – Being Your Best! – Master yourself, your plan and your relationships.

“To Know, To Believe, To Master = Success”

You can find out more about this at any of my workshops or speaking events when I speak on the topic of Relationships.

What is your highest dream for your relationship/s? What could it look like if you were a master of the art of relationships?

The greatest gift in a relationship is the ability to listen with your eyes, ears and heart. People want to tell their ‘story’. There is a marked decrease in today’s society in this area. There is also a marked increase in the breakdown of relationships in our society. When we listen with our ears we hear what is said, when we listen with our eyes we hear what their body gestures are telling us, when we listen with our heart accept the others point of view and how they feel about it. We become interested and interesting. We draw people to us as there is nothing better than someone that allows you to feel valued and important.

Kirsty 🙂


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Balance: The Energy & Enthusiasm to Keep Stepping Up

Long work hours and highly stressful jobs not only hamper employees’ ability to harmonise work and family life but also are associated with health risks. Work life conflict has been associated with numerous physical and mental health implications and having negative implications on family life.

According to a 2007 study by Duxbury and Higgins, women are more likely than men to report high levels of role overload and caregiver strain. This is because women devote more hours per week than men on average, to non-work activities such as childcare, elderly care and are more likely to have primary responsibility for unpaid labour such as house work. Although women report higher levels of work-family conflict than do men, the numbers of work-life conflict reported by men is increasing.

Work/Life Balance is meeting everyone’s needs and wants, including your own, in a realistic way, while staying in alignment with what is most important to you. It is an intentional state of harmony, satisfaction and wholeness that exists within these life areas (categories) in a person’s life: Family, Partner, Work, Financial, Social, Health/self-care, Personal & Professional Development, Me Time, Volunteer/helping others, and Spiritual.

When I say that work-life balance is “an intentional state of harmony,” I mean that it does not happen naturally, or by default. If it did, we wouldn’t have millions of stressed-out people in this world. Pursuing work-life balance is important so that you can enjoy the peace and harmony that comes from living a balanced life, from focusing your time and energies on the things that are most important to you and not just the things that yell the loudest for your attention. When we re-orient our lives toward achieving balance and satisfaction, we enjoy more peace and less stress.

Are you satisfied with where you’re at in life right now? Do you feel like you’re giving the attention you want to give to the life areas that are most important to you?

The most valuable question you can ask –

Whilst reflecting, without judgement, ask yourself “did I do my best today and what can I do better tomorrow?” This is the true path of excellence.

I find that I achieve the most balance (and harmony) in my life when I do and reflect on these things:

  1. Make a conscious decision to prioritise your personal values and commitments (goals) within each life area (Family, Partner, Work, Financial, Social, Health/self-care, Personal & Professional Development, Me Time, Volunteer/helping others, and Spiritual).
  2. Define what is Important to You. You need to become an expert in your life by clarifying your actions and activities. This is not as difficult or complicated as it seems.
  3. Creating “Me Time”. Once you have started to create more space by letting go of activities or people that no longer serve you, it is time to start creating “me time”. Start with as little as 10 minutes or start with an hour. You can increase or decrease with what is comfortable for you.
  4. Set Your Boundaries. Once you have defined what is important to you and you are comfortable with what you have, it is time to move forward by setting some boundaries. Boundaries are imaginary lines that allow you to have control over your life and stop other’s actions and behaviours from interfering in your life.
  5. Have a list. I am a compulsive list maker. I have an overall to do list, a daily to do list, a grocery list, a who to ring list, a who to email list, a to do for work list, a to do for home and family list, list for gifts, to do lists for other members of the family, and the list goes on! Making lists provides you with the opportunity to ask one of my favourite questions at numerous times during the day; “What is the best use of my time right now?” When I have asked myself this question, it is an opportunity to look at my list and see what I could be doing in the time I have right now and the energy I have available to me. Once you have put a list together, prioritise tasks.
  6. Have a weekly plan which creates a flexible routine. When was the last time you sat down and wrote down everything you do in a week on a regular basis? Including school drop offs, work commitments, home chores, groceries, you time and the many other demands on your time.
  7. Identify sources of stress. Identifying the things that leave you feeling stressed out unnecessarily is the first step toward eliminating them.
  8. Eliminate unnecessary commitments. We all wear many different hats and have commitments in a variety of areas. But when you spread yourself too thin because you have taken on too many commitments, feeling stressed is the inevitable result.
  9. Create a great foundation for balance by beginning with eating for excellence. Food has a direct influence on your ability to cope with challenges. Good nutrition has both a calming and an energizing effect. Mental clarity and cognitive function are also nutrition related.

A.I.M. For Balance©

A = attitude; do you have an attitude of gratitude, are you hopeful, do you adopt a never give up and determined focus?

I= inspired energy; who are you around regularly, do they sustain or drain your energy, do you drink enough water, do you eat high energy foods and do you get enough rest and relaxation?

M= meaningful order; what are your key life result areas, what are you passionate about, what desires do you have, what routines, lists, time management techniques and plans will then work for you and your unique family?

Balance is the opposite of feeling overwhelmed and negatively stressed. It is feeling purposeful, being in the now, doing your best and following what you truly desire, maintaining a connection to what is important to you and knowing you can overcome obstacles placed in your way.

Kirsty 🙂

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‘Work Smarter Not Harder’ – Progress or Backwards Step?

Most people in business have heard this quote and sound out a resounding ‘YES’ and want to jump on the bandwagon of doing less and gaining more. When speaking to many people Kirsty has found that this is what they think working smarter means. If this is you, you may have taken this phrase the wrong way and it has led many to facing the door of failure rather than success.

The recipe for success may lie more in the quote “Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quite” by Napoleon Hill.

Take time to talk to any person who has achieved a level of meaningful success in their business and this is what they will tell you: –

  • Running a business is challenging
  • Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart
  • It takes hard work and perseverance
  • You are constantly reinventing and improving your business, plans, vision and goals to keep up with trends and customer needs
  • Don’t be afraid to fail
  • Be disciplined and work harder than everyone else
  • Learn as much as you can, as fast as you can
  • Always go the extra mile
  • Your largest asset will always be networks, strategic alliances and referrals – this takes time and nurturing

So how can you turn this possible limiting thinking around, expand your business in a smart way and feel you are working smarter and not harder while still putting in 101% effort?

Here are some tips to get you headed in the direction of working “smart.”

  • Have clear objectives? Avoid spending time and effort on some side issue that doesn’t contribute to achieving the goal.
  • Beware of perfectionism? Studies show that it requires 50% more effort to squeeze out an additional 10% improvement in quality. Learn to recognize the point at which “Good enough is good enough.” Then stop.
  • Avoid procrastination?- Do the worst first? You can turn a mildly unpleasant or uncomfortable job into one you truly dread. Don’t make a job more stressful by putting it off repeatedly until you’ve got a crisis on your hands. As Nike says – “Just do it”. Get important and difficult tasks out of the way first thing in the morning when your energy is high and unexpected issues haven’t taken over your day.
  • Stay organised and prioritise. ?It’s unnecessarily stressful and time wasting to have your work scattered all over the place. Keep related project pieces together where they’re easily accessible and daily prioritise tasks. Always have your work area de-cluttered and make it an area you feel good being in.
  • Avoid distractions. Think about your typical workday. Do you allow yourself long stretches of time in which you can truly sink your teeth into a project, or do you tend to only work in small blocks of time between interruptions? Are you constantly flicking back and forth between projects and your email or social media sites?
  • Multi-tasking is a myth. Despite what you may believe, you can’t multitask. Anyone who has ever tried to talk on the phone while responding to emails understands.
  • Create a ‘not-to-do-list’. Energy spent doing tasks that are not in line with business goals is a recipe for failure. You should consider which tasks you spend time on regularly and then weigh their impact. If the impact is minimal, or if they distract you from things that will have a greater impact, consider whether there’s a way to automate or delegate them. If not, consider whether you can remove them from your to-do list altogether.

What does it mean to work smarter, not harder? It is about being effective and efficient. How can you spend your workday so that you are producing the highest quality results while not feeling drained and overwhelmed? You need to constantly question how you are spending your time and what is the best use of your time right now. Is there a more efficient way that will produce the same or better results for you and your business? If you could put in 1% extra effort than your competitors to gain 50% more productivity where are you going to focus that 1%?

Enjoy your successes. Kirsty 🙂

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