The Resilient FIFO Family ©


1Dig deep, thrive, and rise up together

Kirsty O’Callaghan is a resilience expert, author of Separated by Work, and professional speaker. She skilfully packages up all her personal and professional experience in her 3R’s© process to deliver life and result changing Resilient programs.

As a FIFO family, or a FIFO parent, you’re often pushed to the edge.   The idea that the extra money will make up for the time away from your love ones comes up short of your expectations time and time again. Then just when you think you have got the mix right – an unexpected situation arises that leaves you overwhelmed!

The Resilient FIFO Family© Program is for you when you are dealing with –

  • Too much change and uncertainty
  • Too much to do,
  • Feeling isolated, lonely and unhappy,
  • Experiencing stress and fatigue, and
  • Struggling to support and develop relationships and connections while on your own.

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What others are saying…
“Workshops are delivered easily and well. Kirsty is a down to earth person who shares her experiences to encourage others to grow.”

“I am now back on track and focused on how to get more out of every challenge. Kirsty explains everything so easily and has so much experience to share. Amazing and inspiring, thank you.”

“Friendly, non-judgmental environment and really look forward to future workshops” Easy to understand as Kirsty keeps it simple and straight forward. I know that I can now move forward in my life.”

“A wonderful positive experience. Made me realise that I have to remember back so I can move forward. Kirsty is real, open and giving. I always come away with solid realistic ideas with which to move forward. I now have a plan thank you.”

This process will build your capacity, personally and professionally –

  • To successfully deal with the unique demands, challenges and ever present change that FIFO families face,
  • To be more involved and connected with your family, children, community and partner even when apart,
  • To have more energy and be more productive everyday, and
  • To create long lasting change and become The Resilient FIFO family.

What will each participant achieve –

  1. Understand how they think and make choices that either take them closer or move them away from the results they want.
  2. Learn and apply Kirsty’s transformational 3 R’s process – Reflect, get Real and Relationships.
  3. Develop and implement an action plan that will work.

Initial sessions and workshops can be one or all of the following –

  1. 45-60 minute Keynote
  2. Up to three hour workshop
  3. Full day workshop
  4. Online 4 week program

Follow up sessions and workshops –

  • Via Skype or phone for individuals and families
  • In person one day or two half days
  • Hotline for email and phone support
  • Online resources and training

Sessions are tailored to your organisation or group requirements. We are happy to discuss and add on –

  • Breakout sessions,
  • Individual or small group consulting, and
  • Special information sessions for key topics. i.e. – parenting, relationships, communication, health and wellness, stress management, time/choice management.