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The resources out there are a minefield, excuse the pun, to navigate – yet the search is worth it to uncover supportive and up to date information for FIFO families and those separated by work.

In her book there is an extensive resource section for workers and families.  Here Kirsty has gathered a further list of supportive services and people (including the amazing experts who contributed to the book) that anyone can use for their Separated by Work needs. Check back regularly as we are often adding to it.  

If you know of, or find out about, a resource you think should be shared here please contact us and let us know.



18651b1e26a5741673f625a49f90f807brandpositioninglogocmykLifeline –  To prevent suicide, support people in crisis and create equal opportunities for emotional wellbeing.

Ph: 13 11 14 for 24/7 telephone crisis support.



FIFO Focus – FIFO Focus helps address mental wellbeing issues to creae healthier fifo-focus-a-permentis-initiativeand happier FIFO workplaces. As specialist psychologists and behavioural consultants, they work closely with employers and individuals to increase mental health and wellbeing among FIFO and remote workers.


Sandra Lam and her team joins RED FM each week to discuss FIFO health – check out the FIFO Life series here.


14444933_1510488272311662_8394805187160879423_oMad Mumzie – Mad Mumzie is a Dump Truck Operator.

In 2016 Mad Mumzie began the “Beers with A Miner” podcast where she sits down for a relaxed chat, usually over a few beers, with a fellow miner. The episodes are a combination of her own stories, interviews with others in the mining industry, and her outlook on current issues facing Australian miners and their families.

It is a passion of Mad Mumzie’s to help others decide if they are cut out to be a miner, by helping them to understand just what that means in all aspects of their life – and then sharing how to get in to the FIFO/mining life via her blog, podcasts, Facebook and Twitter.


cover_01webMy FIFO Daddy (book) – A kid’s book about Fly in Fly Out (FIFO) life told through the eyes of a child.

Books are a great way to talk to kids about difficult issues. Books help kids to better understand and articulate some very complicated emotions that comes with having a parent that works away.



do1300w003s00_460Flying Miners –  ABC (especially in WA) is a great resource with much information on FIFO.

This particular link is from a TV series that aired in 2015 about the exceptional and heartfelt stories of the men and women at the frontline of Australia’s mining boom – the FIFOs – Fly In Fly Out miners.



Pam Fifo loveFIFO Love – Pamela Crane – Pamela works with couples that are in a FIFO lifestyle, who are struggling to stay connected. Being a FIFO wife with over a decade of experience, she understands the challenges couples face inside of this lifestyle – the emotional struggles while trying to keep the relationship strong and fun. FIFO Love is personalised coaching and live workshops designed to support FIFO couples to learn how to stay connected and loving in even the most challenging FIFO/DIDO relationship.

7 Steps to reignite the passion in your FIFO relationship – This free e-course is fun and jam-packed with inspirational, playful and smart strategies for you to stay connected and keep the spark alive in your FIFO relationship.

Take the “How Happy is your Relationship?” Quiz – The physical distance of FIFO can make it that little bit harder at times, causing issues that can prevent you from really feeling happy. Some of these hide behind the scenes and are easily missed in the busyness of life. With this in mind Pamela has put together a quiz specially designed for couples who are in a FIFO relationship to check in and see how happy and healthy your relationship is.

Create a Happy Healthy FIFO Relationship – This free downloadable e-book provides 7 powerful tips for making your relationship work. This e-book will help you reduce the relationship stress and help you to stay connected and loving regardless of any distances involved.

You can also check out the FREE FIFO Family Webinars Kirsty and Pam are doing here


12525129_555365757961747_8347585580896885678_oOne Minute Closer #StayConnected – a Lifestyle App created by FIFO Worker Regan Jones , for FIFO / Away Workers with the goal of help away workers stay connected to those they leave behind. OMC allows to “set and forget” your FIFO roster or build an adhoc roster as it becomes available and make permanent and one off changes…all in a matter of seconds.

You can safely and securely allow friends, family and colleagues to view your roster in real time, build a customised profile and communicate through the group message function.

OMC is supported by a FaceBook page and Blog aimed at increasing the awareness / tangibility of the FIFO Life and bringing some positivity and perspective to life away. Always eager to help all stakeholders to this lifestyle out, Regan is only an email, personal message or phone call away.

Below are some topics from OMC to support and inform you.

Taking the sting out of missing magic moments working FIFO

The alchemist and some FIFO analogies

Women in FIFO work

A night in the day of FIFO night shift


Meal Planning Your Way | The Revamp Experience – Louise D’Allura is the Home Economist and Accredited Expert Professional Organiser behind Meal Planning Your Way. Louise’s specialty is in helping busy people get organised to eat well, work well and live well. Getting organised for healthy eating, particularly when they are too busy to eat well is a foundational element Louise specialises in.


Australia: Additive Alert App – This simple mobile app allows you to search for Australian and New Zealand food additives – by number AND name! The additive data has been compiled from Additive Alert: Your Guide to Safer Shopping written by Julie Eady. It is such a great resource to compliment to the book. Get the App for your device – Android or iPhone

A list of the Dirty Dozen (also notes Australian Context)

Whats for Dinner MPYW + Templates

Food Additives Kit

Low cost:

Meal Planning Guides and Additive Alert


Anna Cairo Consulting/Social Media Professional – Policy & Education – Anna is a qualified online communications professional. She has an extensive background on Internet policy and regulation, social media in the workplace, and the impact of technology on business. Anna consults, educates and writes about how social media is shifting communication and affecting workplaces, individuals and society.

Fact Sheet – 7 Social Media Rules for Companies with a FIFO Workforce

Boards Walking the Social Media Plank

Managing Social Media Risk

Social media – managing your online reputation



Total Portfolio Management Pty Ltd – Delma Newton has been a financial planner for over 20 years and is active within the Financial Planning community. E: 

Personal budget sheet from Delma



Social stories resource links for high support needs children –


Spectronics – Instructions on how to write a Social Story

Special Education Technology British Columbia – lots of free printable Social Stories

Child Behaviour – free social stories

Kids Can Dream – free printable Social


Deb-BusinessPortraitsm_018THUMBNAILAVATARKids Dig Food  – Deb Blakley is a Brisbane Dietitian, Nutritionist, and mum who is passionate about kids learning to love good food from birth and beyond. Deb is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian & Accredited Nutritionist, recognised by the Dietitians Association of Australia and is an accredited practitioner of the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) Approach to Feeding for fussy eaters and problem feeders.

Meal Time Rules

Getting your kids to enjoy soup


Lunchbox strategies

Video courses to get your kids to dig food


Mortgage Choice Owner / Manager – Home Loan Consultant – Kylie Taylor has been a Mortgage Choice franchisee since 2009. Kylie’s business is based on good customer service principals. She knows how important it is to feel informed, supported, listened to and communicated with when you are making big decisions in life. Your home and its associated loan is no exception.


Customer Living Expense Calculator

Costs Associated with property purchase

First Home Buyers Guide.PDF



Negotiating to buy a property