Separated by Work


If you are Separated by Work this book has you covered. It is the essential handbook that helps every FIFO family to survive and thrive when Separated By Work, providing support, understanding and strategies for all families, workers and OHS & HR professionals.

So, what is *FIFO?

Fly-in fly-out work practices occur across a number of professions, but are predominantly associated with the resources industry. This book focuses on work practices that involve work in relatively remote locations where food and accommodation is provided for workers on-site, but not for their families.  Readers also include defence force families and anyone who travels away from family and spends a fixed number of days working away, followed by a fixed number of days at home.  A FIFO workplace could be offshore or land based, construction or mine, or overseas – within the mining industry or another industry.

*FIFO, in this book, includes DIDO (drive-in drive-out), BIBO (bus in bus out), SISO (ship in ship out), defence – and any occupation where one family member is away from the home for extended periods of timebook

“This is too hard – where do I turn?”

Kirsty has heard this statement all too often. On-site the worker is separated from everything familiar and has hours filled with loneliness, doubt and exhaustion. The partner at home is handling everything on their own and they are exhausted and counting the sleeps until their loved one comes home.

There are unique challenges that this lifestyle and work choice has – that will often leave families, overwhelmed, broken and left feeling unsupported – wondering why they are doing this at all and where they can turn for help.

While there are plenty of orientation books for the workers, online websites and groups for the FIFO workers and their partners – there isn’t a user-friendly, all inclusive book and resource for ALL who are involved in FIFO – from young to older, those away and those at home, single to married with children – a guide that prepares the whole family and keeps them going during the rotations, changes and upheavals. Separated by Work fills this gap and more.

Included are hands-on exercises and practical tips and exercises. Interspersed through the narrative are interviews and quotes from other experts in the field and short case studies from FIFO workers and families.

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Here Kirsty is interviewed by Renee from Juggling FIFO.  Listen in as she shares stories and strategies to inspire and support you to survive and thrive through your FIFO journey.

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Real-life issues explored throughout the book include –free-postage-4

  • Proper preparation
  • Know ‘why’ you are doing this
  • Money and goals
  • Looking after you
  • Great relationships while apart
  • Parenting challenges and solutions
  • The unexpected situations
  • Life after FIFO 

Separated by work gives you the tools and encouragement you need to take back control, help yourself and each other through the toughest times, and be happier when separated by work – no matter how long you decide that will be. It draws on Kirsty’s family’s experiences during the last seven years that her husband has worked in the mining industry and the countless hours she’s coached and counselled clients.

About the Author

Kirsty_118Kirsty O’Callaghan and her husband have made mistakes and done thousands of hours separated by work – which places her in an ideal position to offer an insider’s understanding to all aspects of this life – saving the reader frustration, time and money. Over the years many people have asked Kirsty why there wasn’t an inclusive workbook that could help them. She also found that there was no help or support for either herself or her husband. Instead of being left to sink or swim, her answer was to write a book that fills this gap.

Over the years Kirsty has honed her relationship, resilience, parenting and communication skills to be able to share this story. In Separated by Work her goal is that readers are guided and supported to create a good FIFO experience, and that every family member can enjoy a better quality of life because of it.


For companies, organisations and groups

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