Meditation | Relaxation Group

Why join us, or mediate at all?

Hundreds of studies suggest that meditation and proper relaxation doesn’t just decrease stress levels but that it also has tangible health benefits such as improved immunity, lower inflammation and decreased pain. Additionally, brain-imaging studies show that meditation sharpens attention and memory. Perhaps most importantly, it has been linked to increased happiness and greater compassion.

For the last 18 years Kirsty O’Callaghan has taught relaxation and meditation skills and held groups across Queensland, and she has recorded two guided CD’s (that are available in our shop). She has seen these benefits above, and more, in many of the group participants, over the years.

We welcome new participants and any enquiries you have –

  • Cost $10 per person
  • *Monday evening 7pm – main hall at Mango Hill State School – Bonnet Parade (North Lakes, Queensland).

*All updates for group are posted on the Unity Words Facebook Page.


There is no obligation to come every week, but bookings are essential as places fill up fast!

*We accept payment in cash on the night – please email Kirsty to let her know you are coming. 


An Important Message from Kirsty

I decided a couple of years ago to head to Uni and become a mature aged student. I am majoring in Public Relations and Social Media, and loving it. I enjoy the learning, the networking, the environment, the growth, the industry and the opportunities that are flooding in. I have now firmly decided upon completion of Degree to move onto a BComn(Hons) then onto a PhD. 

Which brings me to what I have decided. The last meditation group is on Monday 28th May. 

Even though I have taken on University study, my family responsibilities still come first, and my husband still works away (FIFO). My business is booming (in a controlled way around time availability), and it is beginning to evolve into the direction of communication and relationship management. Therefore, I had to weigh up how I could best meet my obligations, wants and needs in all areas of my life.

I am so grateful for the friends I have made and the support I receive through all my business activities, and I am confident you will all understand my decision. 


A couple of reminders for group attendees

We suggest you bring a bottle of water, yoga mat and cushion/pillow. During the cooler months you may like to bring covers to keep warm. We will have some chairs for those that would rather sit than lie down.

We also recommend you bring a meditation journal or notebook to write in. Why have a meditation journal/notebook? It is a helpful way to spot patterns in challenges you’re encountering while meditating and that can help you figure out ways to support yourself in overcoming those challenges. It is also a way to track successes, build a positive relationship with yourself and make a note of insights during your meditation so you can remind yourself later to take action. Overall a meditation journal is a tool for record keeping and reflection.

What some people are saying…
”I have been doing meditations with Kirsty for awhile now and I wouldn’t do meditations with anyone else. They are not only fun but conducted professionally. I have been doing them to help with my anxiety and depression and I would highly recommend to other people dealing with the similar issues. Kirsty is not only a barrel of fun but also highly experienced and always there for support. If anyone is thinking of meditating for whatever your reason, I would advise you attend one of Kirsty’s.” – Dee

meditation group”Kirsty’s meditations and insights provide a different way of seeing the world. Sometimes it is just these minor differences or perspectives that allow you to be the best you can be. For me, meditating with Kirsty provides a welcome relief and escape from my busy life – and better still, the effects can be felt long after.” – Suzette

“I have really enjoyed Kirsty’s meditation groups. Kirsty is dedicated, passionate and supportive not only during groups but also offers support via messages and phone calls through the week when needed. The information sharing at the beginning and end of each group provides a strong basis for learning which has put me on the path to my own personal development journey. Since starting meditation I feel like I have more conscious awareness of self which helps me to approach everyday life situations with more control, clarity and calm.” – Holly.

”I love Kirsty’s mediation classes. It is not just a mediation class, there is friendship, journaling and discussion. She has guided me and introduced me to a variety of techniques and mediations. This has assisted in redcuing my stress levels and increasing my focus and concentration. Thank you Kirsty.” – Toni 

The benefits of relaxation and mindfulness

  • be healthy and promote a strong immune function
  • have more energy and vitality,meditation benefits
  • reduce anxiety and tension
  • boost your immune system
  • promote calm in your life
  • overcome Illness
  • pain issues decrease dramatically
  • normalise blood pressure
  • take control back from stress and depression symptoms
  • promote inner strength and clarity



Experience our Relaxation|Mediation CD’s

Kirsty O’Callaghan has released 2 Relaxation|Meditation CD’s available for purchase here and selected retail outlets.