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Quick tips for Balancing work/home life for parents.

The concerns, pressures and just plain overwhelm that seem to go hand in hand with working parent’s lives will affect your whole being.  It affects how you feel, how you behave and has the potential to create very real physical symptoms.

At first these feelings may be just vague and unsettling, and you may find yourself saying “I just need to get used to the new routine and handing over the kids to someone else, then I’ll be OK”.

However, what happens if you don’t address the real issues and solutions, and when the appropriate time has passed and you are not coping with the ‘new routine’, the kids aren’t coping with the new situation, does that leave you feeling guilty or like you can’t get it right; or worse you are a failure?

So let’s get real about it now.  Being a working parent creates stress triggers at some point in our day to day lives. Some of us are more vulnerable to these stressors than others, but even those who become stressed easily can learn to manage it well.  It is the stress that is the problem not being a working parent.

OK, so what can you do to manage the stress and feel better?

  • Keep an eye on pressures and deadlines and make a commitment to taking time out when you need it.
  • Learn a variety of relaxation techniques. Physical relaxation methods and meditation techniques really do help.
  • Look after your physical self. Eat healthily, get regular exercise and try to keep a regular sleep pattern. Avoid too much alcohol, caffeine and junk food.
  • Practise deep abdominal breathing. This consists of breathing in deeply and slowly through your nose, taking the air right down to your tummy. Visualise the breathe going right down to your tummy and say “I am calm” to yourself as you breathe in. Then breathe out slowly and gently through your mouth. As you breathe out visualise the stress and tension leaving your body with your breath.
  • Learn to replace “negative self-talk” with “coping self-talk.” When you catch yourself thinking something negative like “I can’t do this, it’s just too hard,” try to change it to something more positive, like “This is hard but I can get through it.”

Being a working parent can have its ups and downs, and comes with added responsibilities.  However if you are organised, communicate positively to your family on a regular basis, laugh and have an awareness of your needs your will certainly be on the right track to feeling back in control, confident and finding the elusive work/life balance you have been seeking.

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