About Kirsty

Kirsty O’Callaghan

Kirsty is a communication and relationships expert. She is known nationally as a leader in her field and as someone who works in partnership with all her clients. Her intention every week is to inspire, excite and engage hundreds of people through written and spoken words to encourage their growth and whole-life satisfaction.

Kirsty’s most important jobs are being the best she can be and showing up for her three children, her husband and her friends. She has been a FIFO (fly in fly out) wife for nine years, and still manages to serve her community, grow her business and enjoy time with her family every day.

As a trainer, coach and consultant for over 20 years, and a mentor and public speaker since 2009, Kirsty understands the issues many businesses, families and individuals face in the areas of relationships, resilience and getting the results they want. From this understanding she has developed effective tools and programs to provide solutions and make your success satisfyingly simple with the right effort.

Kirsty is more than your typical speaker, mentor and consultant. She is –

  • The author of Separated by Work,
  • Recognised as a gender diversity champion in 2017 by Queensland Resources by W.I.M.A.R.Q,
  • An Awardee of Merit for community dedication from Brisbane Women in Business Awards 2016,
  • The recipient of the 2016 International Womens Day Small Business Woman of the Year Award, and
  • The Lions Clubs International 2015 recipient of the D.G’s Excellence in Service Award for outstanding community service.

She cares about every single one of her clients, and treats them all as individuals – bringing compassion, innovation, and fun to her work. Years of experience of working with others and overcoming her personal challenges have taught her real solutions to common problems, and she is an expert at quickly identifying relationship and change issues. Kirsty knows many times problems come from the way people view themselves, and is skilled at guiding clients to see themselves in a whole new light. Many people have walked away refreshed and revitalized and go on to achieve the results they want in their personal and professional lives.

Kirsty has appeared as a panelist on Toddlers to Teens TV, interviewed on 101.5 FM, ABC Brisbane and Health Professional radio. She writes for numerous publications, including Family Australia magazine, Working Women Magazine, Prevention Magazine and has contributed to the Sydney Morning Herald. She regularly runs workshops and keynote speaks around Australia.

Kirsty has had her share of ups and downs. Having a father in the navy she was born into turmoil and dysfunction both on the field and in her many homes over her younger years. At the age of 19 she moved to Melbourne to make it on her own. After 3 years, and backpacking around Europe on a shoestring budget, returned home to meet her first husband.  Twelve years later, with very little money, recovered from Cancer, two young children (one with special needs) and emotional baggage from abuse that could fill a large truck – Kirsty began to rebuild her life. She stuck it out – became determined to succeed and to help others.  Kirsty began her business to help people live more positively, less stressfully and with more health and happiness. Her philosophy, which has been developed from her own personal and professional challenges, is that “if I can do it, so can you, and I am here to support you do just that”.

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