The 3 R's For Life

After many setbacks – and many wins – Kirsty realised something that unfortunately she was not privy to whilst growing up and is rarely taught in schools  –

  • That without supportive relationships with others and self,
  • Without the right skills and support to bounce forward after setbacks, knock backs and trauma, and
  • Without achievements (in a meaningful form to you) that build and maintain your self confidence …


So with all Kirsty’s personal and professional experience she decided to take what she had learned and package it up for her clients – so that all Unity Words services offered essential and effective tools and support for getting results.

Kirsty developed the 3 R’s© system for success – Resilience, Relationships and Results – and this system is reflected in her consulting, mentoring, training, speaking and writing.

All services are tailored to corporate, organisational and business needs, as well as families and individuals.  Programs are tweeked and twurked so that the central message is the same, yet the presentation or session is delivered in a way that makes sense to the person or people Kirsty is working with.

We invite you to investigate how we can support you now so you can get moving to achieve success from your home to workplace today.


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